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Expansion Joint Systems > Wabo Crete StripSeal

Watson Bowman Acme

The expansion joint transition area of a bridge deck is susceptible to the effects of freeze/thaw, de-icing agents and traffic impact loading. Eventually there will be deterioration of the header, and subsequently, the expansion joint. The Wabo Crete StripSeal System is an innovative and effective method for restructuring failed joint headers or installation of expansion joints on new construction projects.

Wabo Crete II is a unique aggregate-reinforced elastomeric concrete that has superior bonding capabilities to both steel and concrete while absorbing the impact of heavy traffic loads. Wabo Crete II used in conjunction with the Wabo StripSeal and sinusoidal anchorage provide a cost and time effective, waterproof expansion joint system.

Easy to install, the Wabo Crete StripSeal system can be opened to traffic within hours.

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799 North Court Street Suite 9, Medina, Oh  44256