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Expansion Joint Systems > Jeene

Watson Bowman Acme

The patented Jeene structural sealing joint system is well suited for a wide range of exterior and interior joint applications such as parking structures, plaza decks, reservoirs, water treatment facilities, fluid containment and sports facilities.

Jeene creates a durable, watertight seal that accommodates shear, rotation and skew movements. The system's profile will not tear away, protrude out of, or slip down from its original position as proven by its 20 year installation history. The system uses a solventless epoxy to bond an air-pressurized neoprene profile to concrete, metal and other surfaces. The watertight joint resists deterioration from ozone, hydrostatic pressure, weathering, oil and most other chemicals.

Jeene is installed by certified applicators. Quick installation features allow for a structure to be returned to service very rapidly for new construction and rehabilitation projects. A variety of profiles are available including the FW series, which is ADA compliant.

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799 North Court Street Suite 9, Medina, Oh  44256