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Expansion Joint Systems > Wabo GutterFlex

Watson Bowman Acme

Wabo GutterFlex is a flexible fabric reinforced neoprene profile that satisfies the required movement criteria and compresses without damage during the full cycle of joint closure. The system collects and drains excess amounts of moisture through a drain tube that exhibits similar flexibility. The neoprene profile is fabric reinforced to minimize material elongation due to the collection of excess moisture or debris.

Wabo GutterFlex is attached to the underside of the concrete slab by use of a metal retainer or held in place by an expansion joint anchored into a preformed block out. The under slab model provides a cost-effective solution for the remedial repair of failing systems. The block out or under slab versions can be used as a secondary back up to any expansion joint system in today's marketplace.

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799 North Court Street Suite 9, Medina, Oh  44256