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Fiber Wrap

Product Name Maufacturer
MBrace E-Glass Fiber Fabric
MBrace E-Glass Fiber Fabrics are dry fabrics constructed of high quality E-glass fibers.
Watson Bowman Acme
MBrace AK60 Aramid Fabric
MBrace AK60 is a dry, aramid fabric constructed of DuPont KEVLAR brand fibers. These fabrics are applied onto the surface of existing structural members using the MBrace family of performance polymers
Watson Bowman Acme
MBrace CF 530 Fabric
MBrace Carbon Fiber 530 Fabrics are dry fabrics constructed of aerospace-grade caron fibers, and exhibit high modulus properties.
Watson Bowman Acme
MBrace CF130
MBrace Carbon Fiber 130 Fabrics are dry fabrics constructed of very high strength, aerospace-grade caron fibers.
Watson Bowman Acme
MBrace Resicem
MBrace Resicem is a patented resin system that allows substrates to breathe. These resins can also be applied to substrates with moisture contents up to 12%.
Watson Bowman Acme
MBrace S&P Laminate
MBrace S&P Laminate (Surface mounted) MBrace S&P Laminates are pre-fabricated carbon fiber reinforced epoxy strips. The laminates are bonded to concrete using approved laminate epoxy adhesives.
Watson Bowman Acme
799 North Court Street Suite 9, Medina, Oh  44256